We produce natural and synthetic fibre netting in Italy

Using quality raw materials for fabric and netting makes our production processes quicker and more efficient, and creates strong and versatile finished products.

Manifattura Treponti pursues this objective by managing its production of natural and synthetic netting with considerable capability to adapt and meet customer requirements.

Technology and craftsmanship

Raw materials

We mainly use polyester-based raw materials, but we also work with polypropylene, polyethylene, cotton and other fibres on a daily basis.

Work processes

All of our processes commence with the beaming phase. Yarns on spools are transferred to beams (large steel spools) that are then positioned on frames ready for the weaving process.


Every product meets specific customer requirements, which dictate the characteristics required for subsequent processes and applications.

To each sector its own process

Special Netting

Coating & Laminating

Special Netting

Coating & Laminating

3D Spacer Fabric

Packaging & Decoration

Top quality in less than a kilogram

Our netting generally does not exceed 800-900 g/m²


Our production process has obtained industry certification, thanks to the quality and reliability of the processes that provide a product which fully meets customer expectations.