Drysports, a Manifattura Treponti S.r.l. registered trademark, is a collection of functional underwear and accessories designed especially for sportsmen and women, with emphasis not only on performance but also on comfort as the result of dressing properly.
Drysports items feature an ergonomic shape, body mapping design, and a careful selection of yarns and fabrics to maintain a correct body climate during intensive workouts.

Discontinuous Meraklon polypropylene, 100% made in Italy, excellent in all situations, soft and comfortable on the skin; continuous hollow-fibre polypropylene for enhanced production efficiency and special effects with seamless items; extra-fine merino wool.

The main advantage of Drysports underwear is rapid and effective removal of moisture and perspiration from the skin. The system maintains body comfort at both low temperatures, by preventing the unpleasant feeling of cold, and high temperatures, by preventing excessive perspiration and fluid loss. Thermoregulation is the keyword – dry in all conditions – so muscular exertion can focus on improving your performance rather than trying to maintain the correct body temperature.

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