About Us

Our company has been operating in the textile sector since 1971 and especially in the production of networks in synthetic and natural fibers.

Our products in polyester, monofilament polypropylene, polyethylene monofilament, yarn rolled, Fr, Meraklon and cotton are widely used in many areas:

  • High-tech nets for wind, composite materials and oil industry (PP multifilament winding);
  • Spaced 3D nets;
  • Medical;
  • Packaging (decoration);
  • Nets for stand;
  • Nets for furniture (chairs, sofas, etc …);
  • Nets in high tenacity polyester (construction, automotive, etc. ..);
  • Support nets for coating and laminating;
  • Nets for clothing industry;
  • Nets in early childhood field (security, yard children, mosquito nets, etc. ..).

Azienda Manifattura Treponti

Our technical department is able to respond to any questions concerning the use and weaving nets with Raschel looms and warping also on behalf of third parties and is ready for any sampling work on request too.

Our marketing orientated company is open to research. Our aim is to reach high qualitative standard production and to provide optimal service to our customers.